PAL Grants

Library & Information Sciences Scholarship

General conditions for the PAL LS Scholarship:

Available for part-time or full-time students enrolled in a recognized library science program
Can be applied to any library science program (Palau Community College, University of Hawaii, etc.)

    *Open only to residents of the Republic of Palau
    *One scholarship is available for each library services degree
    *Must have completed 6 credits of library science courses (not general education)
    *Passing grade point average of 2.5 or better
    *Active PAL member during and after the scholarship
Applicants must sign the statement that they intend to complete the degree program, and will be of service to Palau libraries and an active member of PAL for at least 2 years following the receipt of the scholarship.

By the end of the same academic year in which the scholarship is received (end of the spring semester), the successful applicant will give a presentation to PAL members on a continuing education theme.

The written report to the committee should include details of all expenses associated with the scholarship (attach all receipts).  The report should also include details of the academic success achieved in the library sciences courses taken during that year.

Scholarship money may be used for books, registration, fees, or tuition.  Tuition or fees will be paid directly to the institution concerned.  Book purchases must be made by the student and reimbursement requested.  The scholarship applies to the full academic year – outstanding funds may be carried over to the next term in that year.

The normal deadline for applications will be July 31st.  Selection will be made by PAL officers, and one PCC staff representative who is not a PAL officer.  The committee will announce its decision by the first week of August.